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Who is Jazeh La Belle?

Jazeh La Belle is a high-end luxury salon, originally located in New London Connecticut but relocated to Chicago Illinois. They specialize in men's and women's grooming and provide a line of custom jewelery and hygiene products.
The Task

Jazeh La Belle was looking to have a new logo created to be used on all of their signage and marketing materials. This project had a tight timeframe as the company had already secured a brick and mortar location and would need signage prior to opening.

The Concept

We wanted to create a simple yet impactful logo that would be modern but also make reference to classic luxury brand styles. Jazeh La Belle wanted their logo to also hint at the owner's muslim heritage by using some iteration of The Hamsa, most specifically the eye. We at Pique embraced the idea of incorporating The Hamsa into Jazeh La Belle's logo because it brought a nice personal touch to the logo and helped humanize the company. Also, many of the company's services involved the eyes which is one of the cetral themes of The Hamsa.

As with any logo design project, we started with sketches in order to establish our concepts.

The Logo Mark

Once our initial concepts were approved by Jazeh La Belle we moved on to the painstaking process of digitally creating a beautiful and refined logo mark. This is where we excel: creating and refining beautiful, meaningful, and powerful brands for our clients. Using the eye symbolism from The Hamsa imagery we created a logo mark that would be simple, recognizable, and significant to Jazeh La Belle and their target audience. We specifically designed the logo mark to both stand alone as well as work in conjunction with the word mark, allowing it to work as a system and to work in multiple mediums.

The Word Mark

Because we had worked so closely with Jazeh La Belle to develop a persona for the company, we knew we wanted the word mark to reflect a classic, luxurious style while still being on-trend. For this reason we chose to work with a beautiful serif font as the base for our word mark. This gave a nod to classic brands while our secondary font choice, for which we went with a refined sans-serif, would bring a nice modern touch.

And the Final Result...

An elegant logo whose style successfully illustrates the brand and personality of Jazeh La Belle and its owner. Simple shapes and classic font treatments make for an easily recognizable logo that speaks to a luxury brand while also standing up to the test of time.

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