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What is Groton Community Meals?

Groton Community Meals was founded in 2014 in Groton Connecticut. It is an all volunteer non-profit that cooks and serves meals to underprivilaged members of its community.
The Task

Groton Cumminity Meals needed a way of getting the word out about an upcoming charity event. They wanted to have a flyer made that they could pass out around town and at their other events. They also requested to have a poster made that would be hung more permanently around town to reach out to the community about the event. The challenge was the short turnaround on this project. We had four days for full delivery.

The Concept

We were given a fair amount freedom for the design of these two elements. We wanted the design to be fun and inviting, and knowing that the audience would be from an older generation we decided to make the designs take a modern approach to the 50s style movie posters. We used fun, classic fonts and a classic color palette to achieve the look we were going for.

A fun approachability to '50s influence was the goal of these two designs.

Proven Success...

The community responded to both the Poster and the Flyer as they brought in dozens of attendees to the Groton Community Meals Soup-A-Thon.

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